Der Krieger – The warrior

The porcelain base was rescued from the waste container during a project of mine: at the Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur it was discarded because of a tiny flaw on the top surface. The contrast with a rusted pickaxe makes it shine especially brightly, under a teacup as. Also KPM, it had the handle removed. This design is from 1767, from the series Neuglatt, “Antique Zierat”, today it is called “Rocaille”. The bulbous cup is only decorated with fluting. Here it was important to stop right away, even if you are suspicious that something is created in just minutes. Don’t spray anything on it, but trust the effect. Leave it modular in case someone has to drink from the cup or urgently needs a hoe. It also makes transport easier. But with the dripping of the sealing wax and the stamping, it’s finally assembled for me. And it covers the small chipping to which I owe the expensive piece, in technical jargon “chip”.