Iconic – New York Stock Exchange

“Taubenkampf an der Börse” “Pigeon Fight at the Stock Exchange”
Canvas, 80 x 60 cm, 2022

Livechanging: participating in a pillow fight on Wallstreet. There, however, is the back of the world’s most important stock exchange, the main entrance is on Broad Street, squeezed in and with no visual axis.
One of the main themes of the Gates Communities series.

Dr. Wolfram Weimer wrote about the picture in “The European” : like an artistic commentary on Donald Trump’s politics. It shows the façade of the New York Stock Exchange building on Wall Street – but so covered with an American patriotism flag that there is no entrance at all. These images smuggle truths and critiques across the borders of cliché. Because everywhere there are borders, there is smuggling. Theek smuggles wisdom and warmth over fences – and always a dash of optimism and humour.