On the wall – the Quadriga

I developed the quadriga motif further from street art, using nine stencils at the end. The quadriga from the Brandenburg Gate has art-historical and political layers. The last version was sprayed for the symposium in Barlinek (Berlinchen), Poland, where the painting remains in the collection.

My oldest quadriga was A3 in size and was only sprayed 2x because I had to crumple the still damp stencils during a street check. Two quite young plainclothes officers had approached me. If I had run away, they would have heard the steel balls rattling in my spray bottles. As calmly as possible, I managed to convince them that I had only been looking at the ladder that was here against the wall (mine). Politely, they didn’t want to look in my fancy “Berlinale” bag. As a girl, I didn’t fit the perpetrator profile either. Special Graffiti Commission.