Prussian – enlightened

Frederick the Great, the Muses or Bucephalus – educational goods don’t matter! When they have wandered through Julia Theek’s artistic transformations, they confront us in a completely new way. The enlightened absolutist Prussian king becomes a doubting art lover who models his longing for carelessness with the repertoire of antiquity. In Julia Theek’s work, the dreams of golden ages are still foreboding, even if the large steel plates on which she sprays her motifs are rusty and the painting technique comes from street art. In the dialectic of shine and rust, pathos and fleetingness, nuance and the brute, new relationships develop, new stories that reach from ancient Greece to the present.
Sabine Carbon, Curator

Bukephalus” – Cute as a button
Mixed media, 66 x 45 cm, 2011
Diana von Versailles