“Nike” Bronze, 35 x 22cm, 2018

“Romance – the most expensive candle in the world”.
mixed media, 37 x 15 x 25 cm, 2014
Adler  46x30 cm, Sculptuaromarmor & Bronze, 2006
“Eagles of all countries, unite…”
Statuario marble & bronze, 46 x 30 cm , 2006
“Bukephalos – jolie comme un bouton”
mixed media, 30 x 55 x 80 cm, 2011
Exposition à la Collection de moulages antiques de Berlin
“Divergence Rotation” (Muse).
Steel, 113 x 74 x 11 cm, 2012
Exhibition “bel vedere” in the Pomonatempel by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Potsdam

2004 – 2007 work in Azano and at the sculptor’s yard in Berlin

Bronze – series casting in Poznan 2018

“dedicado a Picasso”
Saddle and handlebars, 49 x 47 cm, 2020

Guess how I made this bull’s head? One day I found an old bicycle saddle in a scrap heap right next to a rusty bicycle handlebar … In a flash they joined together in my head…The idea of this bull’s head came without thinking…. I just welded them together. Pablo Picasso, 1942
Upcycling -as I understand it- has roots here.

“God of War” in “Myth 2.0.”
alabaster and steel, 30 x 40 cm, 2007