Sophie of Mecklenburg vs Wallenstein – RELOADED.

work in progress

Theek’s portrait of the duchess has been hanging in the Lübz town hall since 2018. Sophie (1569 -1634) managed Lübz and Rehna after she had to leave Schwerin as a 23-year-old widow. Her sons were replaced as dukes by Wallenstein in 1628. The usurper knew Sophie’s role in the resistance and still had reasons not to expel her…
2.7 – 30.8 Rehna Monastery
Kirchpl. 1A, 19217 Rehna

Herzogin Sophia
“Lübz anno 1600” Lacquer painting, 96 x 72 cm, 2018
Sophia with her sons, who later took over the two ducal lines of Schwerin and Güstrow as Adolf Friedrich I. and Johann Albrecht II.
“Minerva” mixed media 40 cm, 2017